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Chocolate Masterclass – 30th March


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Come and enjoy a day of chocolate indulgence. Chocolate is a magical ingredient in the kitchen. We show you some fantastic recipes and techniques that will inspire you to use chocolate with confidence.


What to expect;


Chocolate Bon Bon

These refined chocolate truffles practice the art of tempering and moulding. We temper the finest quality chocolate and mould it to make some delicious chocolate bon bon. We get creative by finishing the bon bons with coloured liquid cocoa butter which really elevate these elegant petit fours.

To include;

36 % Valrhona Caramelia Bon Bons

White Chocolate and Apricot Bon Bon ( Demonstration only)


 Plated desserts- Chocolate Tart-

A rich and indulgent tart; layered with peanut caramel, feuilletine and chocolate disc, chocolate mousse and then refined to restaurant standards with a mirror glaze and tempered chocolate shards. Very impressive !

From the oven -Chocolate Fondant-

A true classic, always a show stopper and sure to impress. We show you a delicious fondant recipe that is easier to master than you might think and delivers all the qualities that you could hope for in a chocolate dessert.

Served with a spiced rum crème fraiche and chocolate crumble.